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Oregonians know their Oregon State Capitol as a beautiful, vibrant place to engage with history and democracy. The Oregon State Capitol Foundation connects Oregonians to a shared heritage, enhances the beauty of the Capitol and engages citizens in their democracy.

The Capitol Foundation achieves its mission by providing funding for educational and cultural programs, events and displays;  preserving history; and supporting improvements that contribute to the dignity and beauty of the building and grounds.

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Oregon State Capitol and Oregon State Capitol Foundation win Ovation! Impact Award for the Capitol History Gateway Program

Your donations support the work of the foundation and help make the Capitol History Gateway program possible. Thank you!

The Oregon State Capitol and the Oregon State Capitol Foundation were presented Oregon Festival and Events Association’s Ovation! Impact Award during the “Game Changer in the Gorge” conference in Feb. 2019. The Impact Award is bestowed for an event that had a great and unique impact culturally or financially on a community. It is designated for festivals and events whose theme is based on promoting specific culture, ethnicity or heritage, or even multiples of these categories. The Capitol and the foundation received the award for the Capitol History Gateway Program.

The Capitol History Gateway Program started in 2015 with four events – Oregon’s Birthday Celebration, Cherry Blossom Day, Hispanic Heritage Day and Oregon’s Bounty. The program has grown every year, adding Asian and Pacific Islander Day, Multicultural Day, milestone commemorations, a speaker series and concerts. In 2018, the program hosted close to 30 events. The main drive of the program is to highlight the significant cultural and historical contributions made by various groups, while opening the building on a Saturday and giving these groups a platform that some of them wouldn’t typically have. It also offers visitors an opportunity to be welcomed into a building that might usually be intimidating, showing them a softer side of a building that opens the door for democracy in Oregon.

“It is exciting to be recognized for the work and dedication that has been given to this program over the past five years,” said Stacy Nalley, Oregon State Capitol Public Outreach Coordinator. Nalley accepted the award on behalf of the Capitol and the Foundation at OFEA’s annual conference.

“We have numerous dedicated community organizations and volunteers that give a lot to this program,” Nalley said. “We wouldn’t have this program without those organizations providing exhibits, education, activities and performances for the public during these events. We also wouldn’t be able to coordinate the program without the funding, provided by the foundation.”

At the awards banquet several of the Gateway’s partnering organizations were mentioned, but Nalley said she wanted to give a shout out to the Salem Multicultural Institute (World Beat) specifically because they have partnered for years on multiple events, including the Birthday, Cherry Blossom Day, Asian and Pacific Islander Day, Hispanic Heritage Day, Multicultural Day and the Spring Break Passport to Fun. “They have really stepped up as an event partner to support this program as a whole,” she said.

To see a video of the award being given, click here.

Visit the Oregon State Capitol events page to learn more about upcoming events at your Capitol.

For more information about the Oregon Festivals and Events Association, visit their website.

OSCF Speaker Series presents…

Live presentations at the Capitol by inspirational Oregonians are made possible thanks to your gifts to the foundation.

OSCF Speaker Series presents: Miguel Herrada
May 21, 2019, at Noon. Free

Miguel Angel Herrada will lead a conversation, “Recognizing the Diversity Among Us,” at the Capitol to explore how a deep understanding of diversity can be an indispensable tool for inspiring better choices about the world we share.

Enjoy the OSCF Speaker Series at the Capitol in person or watch speakers online at: oregonlegislature.gov.

For more information about the Speaker Series or other events at the Oregon State Capitol, please call Visitor Services at 503-986-1388 or go to the events page at oregoncapitol.com.

OSCF Speaker Series presents: Dede Montgomery “My Music Man”

Dede Montgomery shared stories of her family history, with roots tracing back to William Willson (man who named Salem, and namesake of Willson Park), at the Capitol in the telling of her book “My Music Man.” Click here to watch Dede Montgomery’s Feb. 14, 2019, presentation.



The kick off to the 2019 Oregon Legislative Session was celebrated in the Capitol galleria on Tuesday, Jan. 22, 2019. It was absolutely wonderful to meet and mingle with new legislators, returning lawmakers, state agency professionals and lobbyists in a fun and relaxing atmosphere while supporting the work of the Oregon State Capitol Foundation.

Special thanks to our sponsors. Your gifts to the foundation help preserve and beautify Oregon’s historic Capitol and engage visitors in educational opportunities, cultural programs and civic involvement. Thank you for your continued support.



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Capitol Events

Capitol Events Calendar

With your support, we have been working with Visitor Services to sponsor many public events. From tours and heritage celebrations to the OSCF Speaker Series, the activities and projects we fund encourage visitors to engage in civic life and create a feeling of shared Oregon pride. The Oregon State Capitol inspires!

The Capitol Foundation funds and develops projects, events, and programs that engage Oregonians in their democracy and preserves the legacy of Oregon’s Capitol. Click here to learn about upcoming foundation-sponsored events at your Capitol.

Visitor Experience

Have you checked out our newest technology project? We funded the creation of a virtual tour so visitors can discover the Capitol before they even arrive! This free online portal helps teachers prepare students, encourages families to discover new interests and allows people near and far to learn about the vibrant community under the famous gold Oregon Pioneer.

Everyday people just like you have shaped Oregon’s laws. How? We invite you to visit the Capitol and read about their stories in interpretive exhibits or participate in a guided or self-guided tour.  Admission is always free.

Preserving Our Legacy

Preserving Our Legacy

Each year 200,000 people visit the Oregon State Capitol. Some come to experience the beauty of the Capitol and hear its rich stories and those of the people who shaped our state. Some are interested in the artwork. Others climb the 121 steps up into the Capitol tower and out onto an observation deck to get a closer look at the Oregon pioneer and a spectacular view of Salem. Many more come to learn about or participate in the legislative process. During a legislative session, the State Capitol is full of activity with legislators, staff, and citizens from throughout the state of Oregon. Click here to learn how you can be a part of preserving this legacy.